Bridging Communities Through the Aurora Community Coupon Program

September 19, 2023

At AWC, our focus has always been on bringing our neighbors to campus as we work towards our five pillars. However, this time, we decided to take a unique approach by "bringing" the campus to the community.

The Aurora Community Coupon Program is a groundbreaking initiative that offers a buy-something-get-one-free opportunity, connecting the campus workforce with AWC's priority neighborhoods while also supporting the CCWB Shop BIPOC program. We are proud to announce that the pilot program was launched in partnership with the amazing BIPOC-owned local business, Bahn and Butter!

This innovative approach goes beyond the traditional swag giveaways that often benefit large promotional corporations and generate unnecessary waste. Instead, AWC's program directs financial resources into our local community, encouraging coupon holders to support these partnered businesses.

Our primary goal is to align with AWC's core values and strengthen locally-owned establishments, fostering a symbiotic relationship between our campus and the community we are dedicated to serving. We're excited to continue expanding this program and creating meaningful connections within our community.

We wholeheartedly recommend checking out Bahn and Butter for a delightful culinary experience that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of our community. By supporting them, you're not only savoring delicious food but also contributing to the success of local entrepreneurs who are an integral part of our community's fabric.

Stay tuned for more updates on how AWC is bridging the gap and building a brighter future together!

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