A Holistic Approach to AWC Values

September 19, 2023

In the heart of Aurora, a transformative initiative is taking shape, one that promises to redefine community health, wellness, and empowerment. The Aurora Wellness Community (AWC) is bringing together diverse elements that focus on community engagement, access to essential services, and, most importantly, the values that drive it all. This blog post delves into the core AWC values and its mission to empower the Aurora community.

Community Engagement: The Foundation of AWC

At the heart of the AWC initiative is an unwavering commitment to community outreach and engagement. A crucial discovery through extensive feedback revealed that up to 74% of residents in specific zip codes lacked access to primary care. In addition, 40% of residents faced difficulties attending clinic appointments due to a lack of childcare. The AWC model addresses these challenges head-on. Central to its mission, the AWC clinic offers drop-in slots, ensuring that medical appointments are flexible and convenient for those with childcare needs.

Access to Healthy Foods: Nourishing the Community

Another vital pillar of wellness identified through community feedback was the need for convenient access to healthy foods. The AWC has taken this feedback to heart and is set to partner with local community food support organizations and a major grocer. This partnership will create a sustainable community food hub on the AWC campus, complete with a grocery store and an innovative food system and security support model. This initiative aims to tackle food deserts and ensure that no one in the community goes hungry.

Building Wealth Through Homeownership: A Critical Component

Community feedback has indicated that building wealth through homeownership is a critical component in closing the wealth gap in Aurora. Astonishingly, 80% of the residents we engaged with emphasized this as a determinant of health. The AWC recognizes the importance of addressing this issue and is committed to empowering community members in their quest for homeownership.

Power and Empowerment: Keys to Equity

Power, or the lack thereof, is an essential social determinant of health. Those who lack power often face inequities and health disparities. The AWC acknowledges the importance of addressing this issue, both as a determinant and a process. To foster the building of power, the AWC is cultivating meaningful partnerships and collaborations with residents and community organizations. Empowerment is a central theme in the AWC's approach to community services.

I MATTER: The Guiding Values of AWC

The AWC is built on a set of values represented by the acronym "I MATTER," which defines their approach to community services and is reflected in each team member:

- I: Inclusive, putting people at the center and designing for optimal well-being.
- M: Mission-driven, with every action focused on their mission.
- A: Supporting authenticity and respecting the full personhood of everyone.
- T: Thriving on teamwork and embracing radical collaboration.
- T: Building trust and championing solutions designed with and by the community.
- E: Focusing on excellence and striving relentlessly toward operational excellence.
- R: Resilient, creating and delivering continuously improved and financially sustainable services.

In essence, the AWC is inclusive, mission-driven, authentic, team-oriented, and excellence-focused, with resilience to continuously improve and sustainably partner and serve the Aurora community.

An Integrated Approach for Lasting Impact

The AWC recognizes that piecemeal solutions are insufficient to achieve the transformative changes they seek. Successful investment in community health demands an integrated approach that considers the diverse needs of the community and responds to them effectively. Through long-term commitments and collaborative partnerships, the AWC is working to create an integrated structure that places the community's needs at the forefront of its mission.

In conclusion, the Aurora Wellness Community embodies the values of community engagement, empowerment, and holistic wellness. It is not merely a healthcare facility but a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and the potential for lasting change in the lives of Aurora residents. The AWC is set to be a beacon of hope, transforming the health and well-being of the community it serves.

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