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In the vibrant community of Aurora, the Aurora Wellness Community(AWC) shines a light on groundbreaking projects aimed at revolutionizing community health, enhancing access to essential services, and promoting wellness. We are excited to highlight several key initiatives that are making a significant impact on the lives of residents in zip codes 80010, 80011, and 80012. Let's dive into these projects that exemplify AWC's commitment to the community.

1. Health Center Launch with CU Anschutz

The launch of an off-campus culturally congruent community health center is a monumental step towards providing accessible healthcare services to the residents of zip codes 80010, 80011, and 80012. This project is more than just a healthcare facility; it's a beacon of hope for those who were previously underserved. The collaboration with CU Anschutz ensures that the center is equipped to address the specific health needs of the community.

The AWC, in partnership with CU Anschutz, recognizes that a holistic approach to healthcare is essential. The health center is not just about treating illnesses; it's about empowering residents to take control of their well-being through culturally sensitive care, education, and preventive services.

2. Paris Elementary School Repurpose with YAASPA and ABC Collective

The repurposing of an abandoned elementary school in zip code 80010 is a testament to the power of community advocacy. This initiative led by YAASPA and the ABC Collective seeks to transform a forgotten space into a vibrant community hub. The repurposed school will provide essential services such as daycare, food access points, and much more.

The transformation of the elementary school into a community hub is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about breathing life back into a neighborhood. It's about providing a safe space for community members of all ages and stages to learn, play, and grow. It's about ensuring that no one in the community is without.

3. Food Utility Access with Colorado Food Cluster

Innovation meets compassion in the pilot project with the Colorado Food Cluster. One hundred residents in zip code 80011 have the opportunity to receive community-voted grocery staples from El Mercado at no cost. This program is designed with cultural responsiveness in mind and aims to reduce the stigma attached to food insecurity.

The Food Utility Access project is not just about handing out food; it's about preserving the dignity of those who may be facing food insecurity. It's about allowing residents to choose the groceries that best fit their needs, reducing the sense of dependency and fostering empowerment.

4. Health Fair with Aurora Health Alliance and Aurora Science & Tech

In early 2024, the community will come together at a health fair hosted by the Aurora Health Alliance and Aurora Science & Tech. This fair aims to lower barriers to care by delivering foundational and preventative health services directly to the residents of zip codes 80010, 80011, and 80012. The best part? It's all at no cost.

The Health Fair isn't just a one-time event; it's a commitment to breaking down barriers to care. It's about taking healthcare to the people who need it the most, right where they live. It's about prevention and early intervention, ensuring that health services are not a luxury but a right for all residents.

In conclusion, the Aurora Wellness Community and its partners are driving change, one project at a time. These initiatives are more than just individual efforts; they are part of a larger mission to empower, uplift, and support the vibrant community of Aurora. Together, they form the pillars of a healthier, more inclusive, and thriving Aurora.

Whether you're a community member, a partner organization, or someone passionate about making a difference, your involvement is essential. Together, we can build health, wealth, and well-being for all, creating a city where everyone can thrive. Join us on at one of our upcoming community breakfasts.

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