Health, Wealth, and Well-Being

Aurora Wellness Community (AWC) is on a mission to build health, wealth, and well-being for Colorado residents who live in zip codes 80010, 80011, and 80012.

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Aurora Wellness Community (AWC)

Our work focuses on five
community-influenced pillars:

Our journey began with establishing a robust organizational structure that would set the stage for our initiatives.
Our work focuses on five community-influenced pillars: Healthcare, Food Access and Security, Housing, Generational Care, and Community Building.

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The AWC envisions a patient-centered healthcare collaborative that addresses social determinants of health.

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Food Access and Security

Working with community-based organizations, grocers, and growers to build a food access system that honors culture.

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Imagining and creating innovative pathways for wealth-building, financial literacy, and home ownership.

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Generational Care

Drop-in daycare for parents and caregivers with appointments as well as building a community-based option for families.

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Community Building

Prioritizing authentic community engagement and joint decision-making to serve low-income, BIPOC community members.

Many of our Neighbors are Underserved

A Thriving Future for Aurora

Aurora is a vibrant and diverse city known for its rich history of welcoming immigrant and refugee populations. However, beneath the beauty of our community lies a harsh reality - many of our neighbors are significantly underserved. The statistics reveal the pressing challenges faced by the residents of the three zip codes 80010, 80011, and 80012:

of Aurora residents fall
below the federal poverty line,
struggling to secure
their financial security.
of Aurora residents have
limited access to healthy foods,
negatively impacting
overall well-being.
UP TO 74%
of Aurora residents lack
health insurance coverage,
leaving them vulnerable
to financial burdens.
A photo of a BIPOC parent wearing a plain shirt with clear glasses and a beard holding their baby and kissing the baby on the cheek.

Building a Better Future Together

Creating opportunities for growth and prosperity.

By collaborating with community members, educational institutions, and local organizations, we seek to break the cycle of disparity and empower individuals and families in Aurora to thrive.

Engage and Connect.

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